Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive LLC.
Welcome to Doloro GDK 22!


Tauri Interactive LLC. is a Ukrainian company.

Part of revenue from the Doloro GDK 22 goes to support Ukraine humanitarian organizations to help civilians to stand against damage brought with Russian Federation invasion.

We are sincerely grateful for your support both of our team and our country.

Stand with Ukraine!
Stop the war before it'll stop you!


Doloro GDK is a fundamental framework that simplifies game development at any stage during using the Unity.

  • Supplies you with a wide bunch of tools for management, analysis, development.
  • Implements core frameworks and tools for AI development and execution, data management, debug.
  • Provides you with flexible architecture that allows you to avoid big mistakes at your game structure, making it easy to modify, fast and allows to follow a clear code during development.
  • Almost everything in the GDK follows of idea of possibility to make extended with your custom logic avoiding requirements to dig into core to extend the GDK with new features.
  • Delivers new editor features and simplifies development of tools you may need during you specific tasks.

Doloro GDK is distributing with a open source code that allows you to modify internal logic and service and makes you independent from our dev team in case of requirements of critical changes.


Doloro GDK has a several simple rules of using to avoid bugs and data lose.

  1. Not relocates Doloro GDK anyware out of the Assets/ folder.
  2. Not renames Doloro GDK folder.
  3. Not relocate \ remove cache folder and internal objects. Otherwise you editor environment created with Doloro GDK may be damaged. This will cause restore of damaged cache to default.

Distribution model

  1. Doloro GDK usage moderated with the Standard Unity Asset Store EULA.
  2. To keep update Doloro GDK demands a year-span paid upgrade to relevant version (Doloro GDK 23, Doloro GDK 24, ...).
  3. License lifespan can be prolonged with the Tauri Interactive team without charging you with license update in cases like BETA that provides you with extra free 2 months of service and support.
  4. During asset lifespan in non-deprecated state, you'll receive entire new features and tools related to Doloro GDK's ecosystem, without charge of extra.
  5. Ecosystem does not include advanced project templates, content powered with Doloro GDK (resources packs, AI models, etc.), enterprise-class editor solutions (tools extensions, analysis models), those can be shared by Tauri Interactive as external asset. Ecosystem only includes core framework and tools demanded to provide customers with comprehensive ability to develop custom products with the Doloro GDK and tools for GDK features management. Any content demands extra investment into development from Tauri Interactive and providing feature ahead common level, or not related to the core GDK features may be distributed separately with charge of extra fee.
  6. Continues development of Doloro GDK features goes along with community needs. New tools development selects with the team basing the feedback of the community.
  7. Deprecated DGK licenses still can be used according with the Standard Unity Asset Store EULA. With not upgraded license you will lose access to package updates and new features and tools holding the state of last owned asset content, but still can use the asset as regulated by the agreement.


Tauri Interactive LLC. works on supplying you with a most quality product as possible.
We just can't proclaim the product as stable before :

  • it's passed on-field tests
  • we have received and reacted on community's feedback
  • we have made improvements in API according with customer personalized experience
  • we have adjusted UI\UX design for best experience

Its not important how long we will work on tests, the product still must be adjusted along with customer needs.

We deeply appreciate your contribution!
That's why we are sharing the product with you with such a big discount.


How long BETA will go?

We are expecting this stage for 2-6 months.

Is the beta time goes into year license lifespan?

Doloro GDK 22 includes extra 2 month of full support. During this time we will fix entire faced by community major bugs.

Is BETA means the product can't be used?

Entire core modules has been tested and used by out company for a long time, and we are sure in its stability.

Beta test mostly focused on highlighting a minor bugs that appears in rare cases.
So you can use the GDK for commercial without back thoughts.

In case of faced bug all you need to contact our support team and let us know about.
Critical bugs will be fixed in no time! Less critical will be handled as soon as critical queue has been completed.