Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive


Inspector purpose is providing you with a flexible GUI to explore logical AI nodes settings and data as well as providing UI hub for other tools to embed its own UI.

In-box tabs

Core UI

The main tab in inspector that always exists for any logical node. Provides control for base settings of the node assembly and pipeline behavior.

Member Description
Toggle Allows you to enable \ disable node execution.
Script Script applied to the logical node. Allows to change you assembly member instance during development at any moment. Type switch permitted only within the same node global type (Action->other Action; Order->other Order).
Repeating Defines behavior model using by core toward the logical node according. Using to control runtime flow.
Tag personal mark of the logical node that could be used to recognize it in common pool.

Default node inspector

This tab occurs in the Doloro AI Inspector when:

In this case DAI Inspector automatically scans for entire public members not marked with the SerializedField and generates UI according with the map.

Custom node inspector

You may create a custom GUI created with using of common GUI, GUILayout, EditorGUI, EditorGUILayout features you used to, or with any other solution you fill like to use.

For this you need to follow next steps:

You no need to carry about marking any changes dirty or confirm changes in any way. The DAI Inspector handles all routine tasks for you.

History tab

History tab is an extension provided from the box that allows you to track-down previous recent results reached by the node during its calls.

It may be very useful when you need to backtrack branching history during a pause to find out where the AI has invalid logic that misleads a planned behavior model.

Debug tab

Debug tab is an extension provided from the box that connects Doloro.AI.ActionEditor.DebugGUI(Action action, Brain ai) handler and inspector.

The purpose of this tab to show a detailed info about internal process within a node that the developer's of the node considering important to analysis and bug-tracking.

Also, the tab provides base controls for managing the bond between the node and Doloro AI Debug Environment.