Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Brain component

Table of Contents


Main component that reads AI project and builds runtime AI instance.

  • Executes Actions defined in project source at runtime. Controls base core operations.
  • Collects lower-level stats data that can be used by any external tool for data analysis or debug.

Component can be added via the inspector's Add Component menu by path Doloro GDK/Doloro AI (Brain).

Explore API: Doloro.AI.Brain


Following section describes in editor inspector features provided with the Brain component.

Sections Parameter Description
Main Behavior Allows to select existed AI project executing on this AI instance or create a new one.
Optimization Time limit Time in seconds permitted for calculation in one fixed update.
Frequency The maximum times of per second of every child calls on base multi-thread layer.
Tracking Debug depth Parameter that define how deep debug tracking should be established for an AI instance.
Items in queue Displays count for actions queued up for current tick.
Items delayed Displays how many items in previous queue was not computed in time permitted to the AI instance.
Logical cores Displays logs generated by logical cores on last processing tic.
Queue Displays current queued up actions to execute in current processing tic.
Memory Displays variables and its values located within AI instance's virtual memory.