Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.DynamicResourcesLoader Class Reference

Detailed Description

Loading DynamicResources from packages via the DynamicResourcesDatabase.LoadResources.

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Public Member Functions

override void OnLoadingStarted ()
 Starts resource loading. More...
virtual void OnLoadingCompleted ()
 Occurs when loading process considered completed.
virtual void OnLoadingFailed ()
 Occurs when process considering failed.
virtual void DrawGUI ()
 Calls by external systems to update GUI with a data those relevant to the loader state. More...

Static Public Attributes

static System.Action< AResourceLoadingBehavioronStateChanged
 Occurs when some loaded is loaded. Shares reference to the loader.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Awake ()
 Adding the loader to the LoaderUtils register.
virtual void OnDestroy ()
 Removing the loader from the LoaderUtils register.

Package Functions

void OnLoadingStartedInternal ()
void OnLoadingCompletedInternal ()
void OnLoadingFailedInternal ()


LoadingState State [get, set]
 Current state of the loading process. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawGUI()

virtual void Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.AResourceLoadingBehavior.DrawGUI ( )

Calls by external systems to update GUI with a data those relevant to the loader state.

Reimplemented in Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.CachedTagsResourcesLoader.

◆ OnLoadingStarted()

override void Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.DynamicResourcesLoader.OnLoadingStarted ( )

Property Documentation

◆ State

LoadingState Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.AResourceLoadingBehavior.State

Current state of the loading process.

System.NotSupportedExceptionAttempt to set LoadingState.NotStarted value.

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