Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Getting started

GUI elements


In Doloro AI Studio the Doloro.AI.DAIStudio.Node represents a Doloro.AI.Order instance and looks like a list of elements where the elements represents children of the node.

According to Doloro AI Core logic, the child of the node could be both Doloro.AI.Order and Doloro.AI.Action instances.

Orders in the list has a ° symbol before the title field. By clicking on such line on left side you'll get a child Node opened in the workspace.

Home button

The button navigates IDE's scope to the root node. Use in case if you a little bit lost in your graph.

Pin button

When the button has been pressed it pins current managing AI instance and not switches to any other during Scene hierarchy navigation.

Navigation & controls

Action Control Description
Workspace move Hold & Drag RMB Allows to navigate through the workspace.
Hold & Drag Mouse wheel button Allows to navigate through the workspace.
Zoom Mouse wheel scroll Changes workspace scaling.
Copy Ctrl+C on selected Node's child line Copies node and entire child nodes in the branch.
Pin Ctrl+P Toggles pin of active Brain instance.
Home Ctrl+H Navigates workspace scope to the root node.

How to...

Open DAI Studio

On top editor menu select the Doloro GDK category and then navigate to DAI Studio option.

On some platforms or package versions the Doloro GDK category could be located as sub-category of the Tools category.

Create logical node

First node

When you open a clear project it already has a first root node. This node is an instance of the Doloro.AI.LogicCoresRoot. Its entire child work as separate logical cores those do not depend from each other results.

Other nodes

To add new logical node, you need to press + button in the bottom of node's GUI. After that you'll get context menu* with nodes found in loaded assemblies.

*The context menu could be overridden with custom GUI implementation. Current example goes to default from-box DAI Studio.

Remove node

Select the node on its parent list and press the - button on the bottom of the node.

Explore logical node

To explore the node's settings via the Doloro AI Inspector you need to click with LMB over its line in parent node UI.

After this you'll find inspector GUI at a right side of the Studio window.

Read more about inspector: Inspector

Rename node

Any node could be renamed by pressing on its title in parent node GUI. Changes saves automatically.

Reorder nodes

Children of Doloro.AI.Order nodes can be reordered by dragging with holding of the left side of its GUI bar.

Manage a visible graph

You may close opened nodes by pressing the x button at the top right corner of the node. It closes only visual representation of the node and its children.

Closed nodes can be opened again by pressing on its line at the left side of its bar.

Copy a branch

You may copy an entire branch of nodes for this just follow the instruction below:

  1. Select branch to copy at its parental node.
  2. Press Ctrl+C.
  3. Press + GUI button on destination node.
  4. Select Past in drop-down list.

Save a project

The DAIProject saves its changes instantly. Any extra action isn’t required.

Load a project

To load of a project to the DAI studio you need to focus a Doloro.AI.Brain with the project selected in Behavior field with active DAI Studio window.

The project will load instantly in case if the previous one has not been pinned.

Rename a project

You may rename the project by renaming the root node.

  1. Press the root node's title in its header.
  2. Enter new project name.