Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Creation of a custom tool


DAI Debugger is a very flexible tool that allows you to extend it with a custom modules with easy integration with the environment.

You may find this useful in case if your AI implementation demands specific custom extensions, has a complex structure that demands extra control, or you just simply need to get extra features or data both on development and runtime stages.


DAI Debugger automatically integrates an instance of any non-abstract class derived from the Doloro.AI.DAIDebugger.ADebugTool found among loaded assemblies.

  1. (Optional) Create a new folder and add a new Assembly Definition* asset inside the folder to make the tool distributive in future.
  2. Create new class object.
  3. Inherit Doloro.AI.DAIDebugger.ADebugTool for the class.
  4. After assembly reload your tool draft becomes available in DAI Debugger tool automatically.

*Right mouse button click in Project window. Then select Create\Assembly Definition.


The tool has collection of editor event related handlers.

Handler Purpose
Awake Occurs when debug environment starting first time. Use to sign up of global events and make a bond between tool and AI instances.
OnEnable Occurs when enabled becomes true.
OnDisable Occurs when enabled becomes false.
OnInstanceChanged Occurs when instance is changed. Use to update displaying content on related to a new instance in scope.
OnGUI All the GUI based tasks should be handled within this handler. Override it to declare your own GUI instead of placeholder.
OnFocus Use to update\initialize GUI required data.
OnGUIBackground Use if you need a continue background tracking of the tool toward the environment. The handler calls every rendered frame even in case the tool itself is out of focus.
Clear When the tools end its session it should release entire temporal data collected during tracking session.

Tab's header content

You may adjust a content displaying in the editor's tabs dock by adjusting the ADebugTool.Content property.

Order in editor

To adjust order of tab in common utilities dock define its order via the ADebugTool.Order property.


  • You can find overwhelming examples by navigating to the Doloro-GDK\Doloro-AI-Debug-Environment\Editor\Tools\ folder.
  • Also, the tools available via the Visual Studio Solution Explorer in projects started from the DAIDbg prefix in name.

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