Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Demo: Storages Inspector


The demo scene demonstrates example of assembled GUI controls layout using to handle Storage on-scene instances and they Item content.
The demo also demonstrates Item inspector that allows to look up for certain item instance settings.

How to start

  1. Navigate by following path toward scenes collection:
    Doloro-GDK \ Doloro-Inventory \ Scenes \.
  2. Open Storages Inspector scene.

How does it work

Storages generation

The demo scene implements custom demo scriptStorageDatabaseGenerator to provide you with alternative example to of storage generations.

The component located over Demo services game object.
The script allows continues spawn of storages with a random content.

GUI layout

The entire GUI layout elements located under Canvas game object.
Here you can locate 3 important objects:

  1. Storages Inspector. It's an assembled layout works as the demo window.
  2. Parts. The game object that refers parts used at the Storages Inspector window as children. The elements are disabled and added only to make it more obvious which parts the explorer has built.
  3. Item inspector parts. Child hierarchy of Parts object that contains part used to assembly Item inspector window used as part of Storages Inspector.
Part Purpose
Storages Explorer Elements Collection of Storage GUI control.
Displays entire storages loaded to the scene via rented Storage entities
related to inspecting owner with id defined at ShopsInspector as playerId.
Storage Content Explorer Elements Collection of Item GUI control.
Displayes Item content of selected Storage.
Item inspector Group of Item GUI control controls that listens for ItemGUIElement selection
in Storage Content Explorer and any visualizes detailed data about selected Item.

Following table describes parts used at Item inspector part mentioned above.
All the parts listen ItemGUIElement selection event shared with parental Virtual UI Hub and apply shared Item as self-inspector content.

Item inspector part Purpose
Item preview big Loads Item provided preview to a RAW image content.
Item title Loads Item provided title to a text label.
Item description Loads Item provided description to a text label.
Item features inspector Loads Item provided ItemFeature and Asset Property instances from
defined domain (public by default) to a ItemFeatureGUIElement collection.
Parts by themselves not works as stand-alone windows and must be assembled in a common virtual layout with a Storages Inspector component defined as hierarchy (or Virtual UI Hub hierarchy) root. The inspector performs role of behavior provider and manages operation between window parts.

In the demo the component does not require assignation of any child part over component. Entire parts implemented as separated Window instances connected to a solid layout by using of Runtime Workspace features.