Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Doloro Inventory System


DIS is a powerful module that base logic for in-game item related operation.
The core logic implements the concept of inventories and operation between them.

  • Supplies you with powerful database that allows to hold player's data cross game session.
  • Implements comprehensive in-game transaction service that fights against whole possible bugs during items operations, like a dupe. Prevents bugs that may occur during asynchronical operations with items.
  • Has flexible architecture that can be extended as you need.
    • Supplies you with built-above sub-module for Shop interface and logic.
    • Supplies you with built-above sub-module Volumes concept.

In this category:


The Doloro Inventory module has several sub-modules those extends base logic with new features.

Sub-module Description
Volumetric storage Implements concept of volume both for items and storages that allows to operate objects physically.
Shops Implements in-game shops concept and supplies with a following GUI controls to perform trade operations.

Demo Scenes

The package has several complex layouts assembled with using of full stack features.
Explore them to reach most deep understanding of system behavior logic.