Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Volumetric storage


Sub-module that implements concept of volume for items and storages. Allows to moderate using space that allows to provide much more immersive experience for the player.

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Explore API: Doloro.InvetorySystem.Features.VolumetricSpace.StorageVolume

How to use

Storage configuration

To implement volume of a Storage you have to add the StorageVolume feature over the same game object as the Storage.
To add the feature in Add Component menu navigate to Doloro GDK \ Inventory system \ Features \ Storage \ Storage Volume.

After adding the feature will automatically embed into internal object.
All you need is configurate a physical size of the storage at the component inspector.

Read more about Storage resource creation: Resource

Item configuration

To implement volume setting over a certain Item resource you have to navigate to its prefab and add ItemVolume feature over the same game object.

Next you need to defined volume parameters applied defining physical size of the item.
During each transaction StorageVolume feature will search for ItemVolume features over target resources and manages the space along with its configuration.

Read more about Item resource creation: Resource

Reservation logic

When you are placing transaction order of volumetric objects the StorageVolume feature component reserves space required for the object in temporal buffer.

  • In case of transaction canceling the space releases from occupation and becomes accessible to new transactions.
  • In case of transaction confirmation, the temporal buffer data migrates toward static buffer that allowed in cross-session database.

Cross-session data

As any right implemented AStorageFeature StorageVolume loads its state automatically during rend of Storage for StoragesDatabase.StorageContainer instance and saves it's stable state as soon as Storage entity has been released.

All incomplete transaction will be automatically canceled during rent finalization, temporal buffer entries will be released.


The feature on an EARLY STAGE and will be improved along with next updates.

The package implements a visualization tool for volumetric spaces content.
The tool by itself supplies only base logic that can be extended with new features according with your requirements. The tool also can be used as example of visualizer during implementation of custom visualizer following your specific features.

You may find Volume visualizer demo scene that supplies you with using example.
Assembled layout with pre-built visualizer provided with Storage Volume Visualizer prefab.

Explore API: Doloro.InvetorySystem.Features.VolumetricSpace.StorageVolumeVisualizer

Storage's content set

To apply visualization content from a Storage to a view you have to address it and share StorageVolume feature to draw to volume property.
The shared volume's content update will be tracked automatically. You no need to sign up any extra events.

Explore API: Doloro.InvetorySystem.Features.VolumetricSpace.StorageVolumeVisualizer.volume

Manual content sets

The visualizer may be initialized manual by using PlaceVolume handler provided with component API.
During placing the volume, the system returns you assigned id to continue access to the space entry. Use it to manage the instance during next calls.

The Volume visualizer demo scene uses sample script filling volumes located over Storage game object.

Explore Demo's API: