Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Storages Service

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Storages services is a system that encapsulated internal process of database storage entries using when you bond, they with in-game Storage entity that implements certain gameplay features over raw data.

Explore API: Doloro.InvetorySystem.StoragesService

The service controls Storage loading as template resource and encapsulates its instantiation and data loading from StoragesDatabase.StorageContainer to it.

This section mostly tells you about background of the service to let you understand how it works.
You may read more about how to use it by following link: Storages Service

Entity component system

Inventory system has implemented Entity-Component-System architecture pattern.
Entities operations provided with a StoragesService service.

In case of using ECS any Storage within in-game world would exist only when you need it.
Any other time its content will be stored inside the StoragesDatabase without creating garbage on the scene and damaging of customer's computer performance.

Explore API: Doloro.InvetorySystem.StoragesDatabase

The service always holds at least one entity of ones loaded Storage resource on the scene even if its content has been released from renting.
That made to prevent unnecessary often instantiations during each call.
In case if you trying to rent entity but the singleton entity already rented the system will create temporary entity that will be destroyed immediately as soon as released.