Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Modules Brief Overview


Following category describes modules of the Doloro GDK on all its stages. Provides you with brief description and compatibility information.

For detailed description you may follow to categories devoted a module itself using navigation panel.

Module states legend

State Meaning
+ The module is compatible with an editor version and provided with technical support.
- The module is incompatible with an editor version.
In progress Module compatibility with an editor version currently is under development stage. It does not guarantee the compatibility in future but means that we are working on it at the moment.
Obsolete The module is compatible with an editor version but no longer + by our team.
Deprecated The module has critical issues with other GDK modules or editor itself and excluded from main branch of Doloro GDK. More about: Deprecated modules
Not tested The module has not been tested on editor version.

Regular modules

Doloro Data Management

The module that provides core features for data and resources management.

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Base Types Extends Unity with base types with extra features not implemented by Unity from box. All the types has backward compatibility to Unity types. + + +
Assembly Tools Provides extra API to handle DLLs as well as loaded assemblies at runtime. Provides simplified API for conflicts resolving and cross version compatibility. + + +
Asset Bundles Tools Handles AssetBundle using tasks at runtime. Extends editor with utilities for fast bundles assembly. + + +
Asset Properties System Implements conception of soft properties for game objects and resources. Extends an object with no declared members at runtime. Allows extending object’s model with modes data without effect on its core structures and components. + + +
Collections Provides frequently used fundamental generic collections not implemented within Unity or .NET version supported by Unity. + + +
Dynamic Resource Tool Complex solution for in-game resources. Provides post-production merging, patching and cataloging features. + + +
Serialization Tool Implements binary serialization tool that provides fast, easy to use and safe for cross-version assembly changes API. + + +
Tables Provides implementation of clustered 2D database with features and API adjusted for gamedev issues. Extends the editor with related GUI elements. + + +

Doloro Editor Extension

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Editor GUI Layout Provides extended library of in-editor fields that allows creating of advanced editors in easy way. + + +
SAL Tool Editor overlay that provides API for fast plugins implementation within Unity Editor. Embeds plugin’s callbacks call by Unity internal systems and services. + + +
Project Settings Tool Utility that provides API for fast reconfiguration of the Unity project settings with snapshots instead of manual adjusting. Saves a lot of time when you have different settings for different platforms, testing environment, devices. + + +

Doloro Graphs

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Doloro Graphs Core framework that implements architecture solution for graph base tasks. Provides flexible pathfinding architecture module. Implements popular algorithms to handle graphs data. + + +
Doloro UI 2 Graphs Module that implements visual representation of raw graphs provided with the Doloro Graphs at GUI by using of Doloro UI 2 module. + + +

Doloro Inventory

Module that implements comprehensive core for in-game inventory system. Includes complex solution for storages, transaction, shops. Provides features with UI based on Doloro UI 2.

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
ECS ECS architecture provides fast and efficient way to handle huge collection of agents. + + +
Transaction Service Complex in-game service that handles entire exchange operations preventing bugs and cheats frequently facing during using of more primitive solutions. + + +
UI Doloro UI 2 based extension that implements in-game GUI for entire module's features. + + +
Shops Extension above Transaction service that implements regular in-game shop feature. + + +
Doloro Inventory Volume Complex module that extends inventory system with conception of a volume. Includes GUI visualizer for inventory storage content. + + +

Doloro Sensors

Comprehensive system that allows efficiently detect and react on in-game world surroundings.

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Core Architecture that requires implementation only an object selection logic by leaving entire game objects, components and data exchange to the core as encapsulated process. + + +
Filters Runtime logic that provides flexible way to select target objects by its parameters. + + +
Doloro AI Sensors Doloro AI Core extension that implements nodes to operate sensors. Provides advanced AI related filters like a vision, ect. + + +

Doloro UI 2

Powerful UI engine that works separately from Unity this fully compatible with the built-in one.

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Workspaces Implements conception of workspace that defines where the UI entity could exist. Allows separation of screen on zones for different movable UI entities. + + +
Windows Implements windows core architecture as well as encapsulated implementation of frequently used window models. + + +
Runtime Workspace Layouts (RWL) Implements conception of complex windows layouts that allows creation of dynamic groups of windows within the same UI instance. + + +
Context Implementation of the in-game context menus. + + +
Collections Implements UI related to the big collection of UI elements. + + +
Palettes Module that allows attaching of GUI elements to color palettes that could be changed at runtime. + + +
Virtual Hub Module that allows cross instance events sharing. Useful for flexible layouts that considering to be extended with mods \ plugins \ DLC. Provides stable work of deep layouts hierarchies as a single instance with common events and handlers. + + +
Tabs* Tabs Implements tabs concept. + + +
Tray* Implements tray process mode for hidden windows. + + +

*Following module has incomplete state. Only core part has been completed but there is still a lack of GUI controls or lack of they functionality.

Doloro AI Core

AI core that implements execution environment.

  • executable behavior nodes
  • controls performance issues
  • simulates multithreading operations to avoid Unity restrictions
  • implements virtual memory for AI instances
  • provides core architecture
  • provides API to access core data
Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Doloro AI Core Module that provides core architecture solution for all the modules above. Implements base runtime logic. + + +
Doloro AI Core Nodes Extends core with base action \ orders implementations used all around regular AI development. + + +

Doloro AI Dev Kit

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Doloro AI Studio In-editor visual editor for AI development base on Doloro AI Core. + + +
Doloro AI Inspector In-editor utility for management of AI node's content. + + +

Doloro AI Debug Environment

Enveloping environment that gathering AI instances runtime information to continue analysis.

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Debug shell Core debug shell that envelopes instance and provide API for runtime tracking data access and management. + + +
Errors list Analyzer that exams AI project and looking for errors and warnings within. + + +
Patching tool Programmable utility that detects versioning issues within AI project and provides issue-solving options. + + +
Breakpoints inspector Inspector that allows to create and handle runtime breakpoints within AI project. + + +

Alpha-stage modules

Following modules included to the distributing package but not considered as finished and\or stable enough. Mentioned modules included to let you stay in touch with its development progress.
- API, members and functionality can be changed.
- Modules can be excluded from the GDK roadmap in case of critical incompatibility.

Doloro Input Tools

Small module under development that will implement extended input related features and its advanced feedback on the gameplay experience.

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Input Device Detector Provides runtime tracking of input device used by user at the moment. Allows to switch controls or GUI on fly according to changes. + + +

Doloro Localization

Draft module that only provides base types used in other modules and not supplies with complete localization utility at the moment.

Sub-module Description 2019.x 2020.x 2021.x
Proxy Content Providers Containers that should provide relevant content along with current localization. + + +

Early stage modules

Modules mention in this section is under development but not included to distributing package due to them incomplete state causing compilation-time issues or because them can't be considered a wholesome product for today.
The products from this section could be revoked from roadmap in case of compatibility issues or due to loss of its value for Doloro GDK community.

At the moment there are no modules in this section.

Deprecated modules

Deprecated modules distribute in package or compressed way to prevent compilation-time issues on relevant versions of Unity and Doloro GDK itself.
  • Such modules demand manual unpack to be used.
  • Deprecated modules do not receive technical support or future updates excluding critical errors related to engine version it has been suspended.

At the moment there are no deprecated modules.

In future some modules could be considered as obsolete due to compatibility issues. Such modules will not be excluded from the GDK to let you use them in case some of your solutions based on it.