Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Doloro.DataManagement.DynamicResources.DynamicResourcesDatabase Class Reference

Detailed Description

Database of DynamicResources. During loading at the collections resources passing through^

  • conflicts resolver that prevents existing resources with the same signature.
  • data merger that merges components with defined Modules.MergeTool.IMergeableResource<T> interface.
  • data patcher that executing Modules.PatchTool.APatchOrder components.


struct  DRSign
 Using as entry key for DynamicResources instances. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static DynamicResource Find (string bundle, string key)
 Looking for DynamicResource by the sign. More...
static void LoadResources ()
 Loads DynamicResources and performing Add(DynamicResource) operation to each one.
static ResourcesCollection BakeToResourcesCollection ()
 Baking formed database to the ResourcesCollection that can be registered at the ResourcesManager. More...
static void Add (DynamicResource resource)
 Adding resource to collection. More...


static bool isLoaded [get]
 Is database loaded?
static bool isStarted [get]
 Is loading already started?
static int Count [get]
 Count of resources at the database.


static Action Loaded
 Occurs when resources are loaded.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Add()

static void Doloro.DataManagement.DynamicResources.DynamicResourcesDatabase.Add ( DynamicResource  resource)

Adding resource to collection.


In case if resource with the same paint DynamicResource.bundle & DynamicResource.key already has been registered then merge them via the Modules.MergeTool.MergingAPI.MergeGameObjects(GameObject, GameObject) handler.

◆ BakeToResourcesCollection()

static ResourcesCollection Doloro.DataManagement.DynamicResources.DynamicResourcesDatabase.BakeToResourcesCollection ( )

Baking formed database to the ResourcesCollection that can be registered at the ResourcesManager.

Resources collection database.

◆ Find()

static DynamicResource Doloro.DataManagement.DynamicResources.DynamicResourcesDatabase.Find ( string  bundle,
string  key 

Looking for DynamicResource by the sign.

bundleResource's bundle.
keyResource's key.
Prefab if found.

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