Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Merge Tool


Partially implemented tool.
  • Has a lack of functionality.
  • Some of members not participate planned logic yet.
Will be extended with following updates.

Main idea of the tool provides you with possibility to split up a resource on several parts and distribute them via AssetBundle packages.

That may be very useful in several cases:

  • Providing mod-developers with the way to flexible extension of asset features without total override of its resource.
  • Case when some resource developing by different people separately. In that case the tool will allow to assembly parts to the whole.

DynamicResource integration

When you are using DynamicResource objects via the Dynamic Resources Database you no need to worry about merging process.
The system will handle it in automatically way during resources loading.

Manual interface

You aren't limited with pre-integrated DynamicResource instances merging option.

You may use supplied interfaces and tool's API to handle any object the same way.
The only difference is that you'll need to handle process manually or implement a custom loader integrating with Asset Bundles Tools.


To become a mergeable, an object must implement IMergeableResource interface.
The implementation must define merge behavior related to the merging objects.


To call a begin process for certain objects you may:

  • directly call via implemented MergeTo method on source IMergeableResource object.
  • use MergingAPI options in case if applicable to handle complex behaviors in encapsulated way.

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