Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Asset Bundles Tools


Module that simplifies work with AssetBundles.

  • Builds Asset Bundles.
  • Encapsulates loading process.
  • Shares statistic data.
  • Provides flexible architecture that allows to operate the resources loading process by using custom AResourceLoadingBehavior implementations.
  • Implements flexible API to managing of loaded bundles.

See also: Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.AResourceLoadingBehavior

Asset Bundles Loader

AssetBundlesLoader is a component that handles AssetBundle packages loading during game runtime.

The component must be added to a scene manually.

See also:

Resource Loading Behavior

One of the main features of the Loader is providing you with the way to handle found resources with a custom logic by using the AResourceLoadingBehavior extension over the component.

The component extensions must be added to a Game Object with AssetBundlesLoader instance manually to be executed.

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Explore API:

How to ...

Create distributable resource

  1. Select resource in Project window.
  2. At the bottom of the Inspector window define including into some of asset bundles.

Now the resource is ready to be included to asset bundles build.

Create AssetBundle

  1. At the top editor panel navigate to Doloro GDK/Build assets bundles menu item.
  2. Select a destination folder for bundle packages.
  3. Wait till built complete.

Entire bundles related resources found in the project will be assembled in bundles and located at the destination folder.

Load bundles

  1. Instantiate loading manager at the scene via the Add component menu with
    the Doloro GDK/Assets Bundles Loader list element.
  2. Set the relative bundles folder.
    1. In editor - relative to Assets folder.
    2. In game - relative to game installation folder.

Bundles will be loaded during Awake of the Assets Bundles Loader component.

Access to resources from loaded bundles

Resources loaded from the bundles available by the Resource.Load methods or any alternative way provided by Unity engine.

We are recommending you to take a closer look on the Dynamic Resource Tools. Using this module you will reach much more flexible management of the resources and avoid them manual loading.

Track loading process

AssetBundlesLoader is a singleton component. As soon as it has been added to the scene you can access it via AssetBundlesLoader.Active property.

The component provides you with events to and tracking data. Explore API of following classes to find what you are looking for: