Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Asset Bundles Tools extensions

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Dynamic Resource Tools extends Asset Bundles Tools with components related to its sub-modules. Add the following component to the same object where is located AssetBundlesLoader component* to attach the system to auto resource management.

*If you have no created loader object. Just create a new clear game object and add the extension component. All required components will be added automatically

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Dynamic Resources Loader
Component Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.DynamicResourcesLoader
Feature Loads DynamicResource assets from resources folders and asset bundles to internal database for continue access.

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Tags Tool

Cached Tags Resources Loader
Component Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.CachedTagsResourcesLoader
Feature Creates virtual catalogs of resources with added tags with enabled IsCached* state.
Component must be added after
Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.DynamicResourcesLoader component.
Never reorder the components to each other in other order.

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