Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Doloro Data Management


Doloro Data Management is a core framework that encapsulates most of data\resources related tasks for both editor and runtime stages.

Modules overview

Following section provides you with a brief overview of modules related to the Doloro Data Management.
For more details navigate by links related to each sub-section.

Assembly Utils

Minor library that provides you with frequently using simplified API for runtime assemblies’ management.

Explore API: Doloro.DataManagement.AssemblyUtils

Asset Bundles Tools

Module that simplifies work with AssetBundles.

  • Builds Asset Bundles.
  • Encapsulates loading process.
  • Shares statistic data.
  • Provides flexible architecture that allows to operate the resources loading
    process by using custom AResourceLoadingBehavior implementations.
  • Implements flexible API to managing of loaded bundles.

More about: Asset Bundles Tools
See also: Doloro.DataManagement.AssetBundlesTools.AResourceLoadingBehavior

Asset Properties System

Powerful system that allows you to create runtime properties over any GameObject.

  • Allows you to make your game object much more flexible and ergonomic for developers.
  • Save space comparing to classical implementation in both RAM and storage when you are working with a big pool of objects.
  • Implements flexible architecture that makes easy to integrate dynamic content like users’ game modifications.

More about: Asset Properties System


Growing lib that implements data structures popular in gamedev tasks, but currently absent in relevant Unity's API and its supported .Net version.

More about: Collections

Dynamic Resource Tools

Powerful backstage data management system that encapsulates runtime work with game resources. Provides you with easy-to use solutions for managing your content whether it's editor or runtime.

More about: Dynamic Resource Tools

Module extensions The module has several extensions built above its core those supplies you with high-end features.

Task Tool Description Simple reason
Post-release Patching Patch Tool Allows you to modify object during its loading via micro-patches instead of updating of entire AssetBundle affected by the patch. It's unwise to pay for extra traffic to supply user with whole modified packages when you can fix an issue with patch package precisely built to fix the issue without pulling anything unnecessary.
Post-release Merging Merge Tool Implements API and logic for merging of several compatible object to a single one. Its very useful when you want to extend some base bundle resources with a new features (provided by mod-makers, as example) when the product has been distributed.
Categorization Tags Tool Powerful system that allows to get access to big collections of resources by a programable queries at runtime. Encapsulates loading \ categorization \ search processes. Handles a lot of optimization processes to speed up data access. Management of resources is always a fundamental task is very hard to implement in a way it should be implemented, sure if it's not of your expertise. Make it ineffective and you'll get annoying loading screens taking minutes of players time those still very fast in leading the players to the hate toward your game.

Serialization Tools

The module focused on serialization features.

  • Encapsulates serialization \ deserialization processes.
  • Maintains object structure integrity, by filling gaps in data and avoiding load of invalid data parts allowing you to change objects' source at post-release stage.
  • Provides a flexible API the allows to interact with internal process leaving you with manual control over the backstage.

More about: Serialization Tools


Module that provides you a powerful 2-dimensional database focused on game-dev features comprehensive editor-site extension.


  • Fast element access: O(1).
  • Economic RAM using.
  • Fast allocation (database for 400 000 000 element allocates in less than 1ms).
  • Endless data space (you could safety access any index of the table).
  • Unity-site table editor
  • XML 2003 exporting (friendly with Excel)

More about: Tables