Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive


Workspaces is a one of the main concepts of the engine. The core allows you to define on-screen zone where the GUI element supposed to work.

The module allows you to split up the screen on layout that allows you to make your GUI:

  • More ergonomic.
    You have ability to control where the controls exist that allows to make important controls always accessible, when some less important GUI will always follow less useful space on screen.
  • More formatted.
    Because you may define how the game screen looks like never mind what content will be displayed into the workspace.
  • More flexible.
    Change your GUI view following workspaces at runtime. Extend GUI with new zones when you need and release as soon as its purpose fulfilled.

Usage case

Currently the package provides you with several modules using Workspace features.

Module Usage
Runtime Workspace Provides you with dynamic workspace layouts feature that controls collection of workspace providing agents at runtime according with GUI controls activity over the scene.

By using RuntimeWorkspaceLayout features you create a complex solution of elements with dynamic scopes bonded with WorkspaceLayout instances. That makes your collection of Workspace GUI Element to follow a grid of workspaces along with predefined layouts settings.

Implements RuntimeWorkspaceLayout as Workspace Provider agent.
Window Window by itself is a component that implements Workspace GUI Element.
That allows to window to be bond with WorkspaceLayout instance and implements base control behaviors that encapsulates and simplifies features configuration and management.

Still the module is uniform and not built directly to be used within the modules provided above. You may create your own workspace agents that will implement a custom features and solutions specified for your needs.


Workspace Layout

WorkspaceLayout class combines both:

  • Operating instance that allows you to manage layout space
  • Static API using to creation and management of created layout. Also provides features to management of Workspace GUI Element instances bond with layouts.

Explore API: Doloro.UIEngine2.WorkspaceLayout

Workspace GUI Element

AGUIElement derived component that allows to integrate a control to Workspace Layout. Encapsulates layout transform handlers’ management and provides you with new properties to configure of the element behavior within layout scope.

Explore API: Doloro.UIEngine2.AWorkspaceGUIElement

Workspace Provider

AGUIElement derived component that allows to associate an element with a Workspace Layout.

  • Provides API for layout registration and management at backstage.
  • Supports layered layout hierarchy.
  • Implements transform math.
The component provides you only API to manage element ass layout provides, but not handles internal logic. The stage skipped because layouts logic is very specific to its features. Use Runtime Workspace implementation as example.

Explore API: Doloro.UIEngine2.AWorkspaceProvider