Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Doloro UI II

Table of Contents


Powerful UI engine with the core separated from the Unity. The engine allows to implement much more advanced features then the standard one. Still the engine is compatible with the common one that allows to combine both advanced and standard controls.


The engine separated on list of modules that integrates specific features. Each module using is optional and can be used according with your needs or avoided as overcomplicating in case of small development or casual UI does not demand complex solutions.

Module Purpose
Controls Core module that implements base architecture for GUI control and logic of its interaction between each other.
The subject also describes development practices and provides instruction over implemented controls using.
Input Manager Custom event system using for handle both Unity and DUI2 GUI events.
Window Engine module that implements GUI windows using logic. Provides API and development patterns for continues extension of the core with custom solutions.
Workspaces Implements concept of on-screen zones where GUI elements attached to them may exist.
Allows to split the screen on zones works as separated ecosystems and force them to follow zone bounds.
Runtime Workspace Implements a logic that allows to connect separated windows into managing grid. Allows to make your layout flexible and provide more control for players over they workspace. Fully supports entire Window features.
Virtual UI Hub A complex module that implements logic of cross-windows messages. Allows to define several instances in the virtual layout hierarchy to simulates it in a virtual hierarchy like if it’d be located at the same.

Very useful for cases when part of interface is dynamic and not pre-defined. Allows runtime integration of such instances without effect over other objects structure.
Color Palettes Adds a feature that allows to bond graphic and palette controller. Bonded element will follow a common palette defined with the user.
Elements Collection Complex solution that implements powerful and flexible ecosystem for GUI elements collections.
Context Menu The module adds concept of context menu windows and standardize its creation \ rendering and internal behavior logic.
Tabs Extends Runtime Workspace module with tabs feature. Makes possible to manage active content in certain workspace.