Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive


Early access module. The GUI features will be extended with following updates.

The GUI module that allows to manage active content of workspace on screen implemented with the Workspaces module. With the module features you can organize windows or other \ref dui2-workspaces-agents-wguie in a single workspace in switch mode.

GUI Controls

Tabs Bar

Extended Grid collection GUI control that operates with the dui2-tabs-tguie controls as collection items.

The control connects to Workspace Provider instances and represents collection of Workspace GUI Element bond to the workspace with automatically instantiating dui2-tabs-tguie controls referred to them.

Tab GUI Element

GUI control that bond Workspace GUI Element with GUI representation. Provides controls that allow to manage the representation as dui2-tabs-tb element. Calls workspace ActiveContent switch to bonded content after click over the element.

The control by itself is GUI layout that should implement entire tab element features and integration within the dui2 logic.
The default control implementation supports pre-integrated context menu with extra features attachment.


The package supplies you with a pre-build example layout. To explore it navigate to the Doloro-GDK \ Doloro-UI-2 \ Scenes \ Tabs \ folder and select Tabs+ Context menu Demo scene.

You may find pre-configured layouts for Tabs Bar and Tab GUI Element at the following catalog:
Doloro-GDK \ Doloro-UI-2 \ Resources \ Templates \ Tabs \.

Custom resources recommended to be created as variant to continue following of the base templates' structure with updates.