Doloro GDK 22 .1.0 Beta
by Tauri Interactive
Doloro AI Nodes

Table of Contents


Current section provides you with a brief overview of dai_core based nodes.
Explore the list to plan you AI behavior logic development.

Take a note that DAI is a framework and fundamental solutions. It provides you with architecture to solutions development but avoids implementation of non-uniform nodes that applicable only to specific tasks suitable for low ranged specter of games and products.

You may find more about nodes development in following subject: Action \ Order implementation structure.
In case it is your first-time using DAI core pleas take a look over next subjects:


Module Group Node Purpose
Core Nodes None Sequence Executes child behaviors at sequence.
Breakable Sequence Sequence that allow to interrupt execution in case if faced certain result at the child.
Reorderable Sequence Sequence those order defining by external logic handler.
Parallel Executes child nodes in parallel way.
Bind External Embeds external AI behavior project to the current behavior by the resource path.
Switches Switch Switches to child action\order by its tag defined as a string variable in AI's memory.
Random Executes random child.


Module Group Node Purpose
Core Nodes Get Child Object Searches the first or nearest child object of an object saved to variable in AI's memory.
Near Game Object Searches for nearest object in offset by tag and layer.
Get Rect Around Object Computes rectangular with AI instance in the center.
Set Set Animator Property Set the value to animator's property.
Set Variable Works as var keyword and allows flexible declaration of the variable type.
More convenient in use but has higher complexity comparing to explicit declarations below.
Set Bool Sends bool value to the memory.
Set Float Sends float value to the memory.
Set Int Sends int value to the memory.
Set Rect Sends rect value to the memory.
Set String Sends string value to the memory.
Set Vector2 Sends Vector2 value to the memory.
Set Vector3 Sends Vector3 value to the memory.
Set Vector4 Sends Vector4 value to the memory.
Memory Copy Copies variable to another variable.
Exists Checks is the variable exists in the memory by its name.
Remove Removes variable from the memory by its name.
Remove By Type Removes entire variables from memory by a string representation of a type.
Operators Float Operation Provides arithmetic operations for float variables.
Int Operator Provides arithmetic operations for int variables.
Rect Operator Provides arithmetic operations for Rect variables.
String Operator Provides arithmetic concatenation and replacement operation for string variables.
Compare Comapre Float Implement comparison logic for float variables.
Compare Int Implement comparison logic for int variables.
Compare Object Ref Implement comparison logic for object variables.
Compare Bool Implement comparison logic for bool variables.
Compare String Implement comparison logic for string variables.
System Log Invokes Debug.Log method with defined message. Allows to define message type.
Return Returns pre-defined result.
Trigger Allows passing through only one time. After first call closing the brunch.
Wait Waits defined seconds till return Result.Success result.
Check Is Current Position
In Radius
Checks does the current position of AI's entity is within a sphere with defined offset.
AI Sensors None Get Object From Zone Looks for an object at the sensor's zone along with defined search parameters.
Sound Listener Checks noise parameter at the AudioSourceLoudnessTester for the detected object.
Visual Sensor that simulates character's view scope.
Zone Returns Result.Success in case bonded sensor has detected objects.
Filters Filter By Layer Declares Doloro.Sensors.Filters.LayerSensorFilter filter.
Filter By Tag Declares Doloro.Sensors.Filters.TagSensorFilter filter.
Instance Declare Dependent Filtered Sensor Declares new Dependent Filtered Sensor with SphereCollider via the AISensorsManager.
Declare Filtered Sphere Sensor Declares new Filtered Sensor with SphereCollider via the AISensorsManager.
Release Sensor Requests sensor to release via the AISensorsManager.